What is go kart?

Kart is a basic formula car in racing. Kart sport emerged in Europe and the United States in the 1960s. It was intro-duced to China in the mid-1980s and quickly spread throughout the country. Karts are simple in structure and easy to operate. Racing drivers wear protective helmets and gloves, the only thing they need to remember is the left foot brakes, the right foot refuels, and the steering wheel turns 1:1. Adults and children can all experience karting.

For beginners, karts can be operated ,without any driver's license or driving experience.  As years go by , karts are constantly  being  improved and developed.  The safety measures are getting better and better without affecting the driver’s driving experience, such as anti-collision plates, cervical pads, higher-quality seats, etc. Adults and children's defenses against the dangers of racing have been greatly reduced. In order to achieve environmental responsibility, the electronic  kart has also being  developed, and highly appreciated. The kart market has been continuously expanding. China's kart industry appeared in Shenzhen-Shenzhen Honey Lake Sports Club started in 1985 (the predecessor of Shenzhen Speed Circuit, Extreme speedway  racing club managed under Explorer), and Nowadays, there are numerous kart clubs in China that reached in  hundreds of indoor and outdoor racetracks.

Driving a kart can exercise person's sensitivity, bravery and self-confidence. It makes people's brain, eyes, hands, feet and body balance. Karting is a sport of healthy, low-cost, and safe sports and entertainment.


Karting is the primary form of Formula 1 racing. It is also an introductory subject that must be experienced in order to reach F1 level. In China, many kart racers have been trained hard to enter the ranks of world formula racers. This is also true abroad. All Formula One drivers are from the kart racing team, such as the young Dutch driver Max Verstappen, the world driver Brazilian driver Alton Senna, and the French driver Alain Prost. , British driver Nigel Mansell, German driver Michael Schumacher,  Alessandro Zanardi etc etc.


Karting is known as the cradle of Formula One drivers.

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